Some people don’t like that

Cady would get mad if she caught me typing this and not drinking my coffee. 

When Cady finished her breakfast, she declared that she was ready to leave for the pool. After all, we’re both already in or suits. I told her, “let’s go after I finish my coffee.”

I sat down next to her on the couch while she watched cartoons. I’d set my coffee on the end table and was reading something on my phone when she looked over and said, “are you drinking your coffee?”
I reached over, got my cup and took a sip.

“You know what, daddy?”

“What, baby girl?”

“Some people don’t like it when people start drinking coffee right after someone ask about it.”

“Are you one of those people, Cady?”


Cuddly girl

Laying in bed this evening with the sweet girl. Just before she drifted off, as her thumb sucking was about to intensify, she scooted a little closer and rested her head on my shoulder. Heart melting.