Marrying Mario

Cady wrote a love note to Mario today. The Nintendo Mario. She’s been saying she’s going to marry him since we started playing Super Mario Galaxy together.

I finally did it!

Cady emerged from her bathroom after washing her hands and said, “I finally did it,” and had me follow her back in.  She’d hung up a towel by herself.    


I heard Brennyn ask Cady from the other room, “Are you naked?! Where are your clothes?!”

I will miss you, daddy

“I’ll never leave you daddy until I’m big. When I leave on a plane, I’ll look down and say, ‘I will miss you, daddy.’”

Are my hands big?

Cady’s had a cough the past few days. So she could sleep, we gave her a cough suppressant last night before bed. This morning, she woke up and told Brennyn, “that cough medicine made me feel funny. Are my hands big?” Must be some good stuff. When Brennyn told me I laughed. Hard.