There was a spider on me this morning

Cadence pointed out that there was a spider on me this morning. This is a dramatic recreation of the event…except I ended up in my underwear. Traumatic for everyone. Turned out to be a dime-sized reddish monster. Video Language NSFW.

Short film idea. 

As I was coming out of Cady’s school this morning with a picture of a zebra she made for me, another dad glanced down at the construction paper and gave me a nod and smile. I returned it.  It seems vaguely familiar, so I may be stealing it, but here’s the short film pitch as […]

Dropped cookie

“Just put your cookie down before you put your finger in your ear next time.” Of course I said that to my daughter. Of course.

I saw a crack!

Cady and I were driving home from Olive Garden the other night as lightning was flashing in the eastern sky. She was really enjoying it. Most of it was sheet lightning, but the first time she saw an individual stroke, she yelled from the back seat, “I saw a crack!”