How’s this for an inappropriate post? So many things wrong here… We were all at the dinner table eating supper. Cady had no pants on. Long story. Starts with constipation. Ends with her slobbering/gaging on her pants. She had a long shirt on though. So, there’s that. The subject of bath time came up. Specifically, […]

My gag

I got a call from Cady’s school this afternoon. They told me she’d thrown up after getting up from her nap. I told them I’d be right there. Brennyn ended up being the one to pick her up. They’d given Cady a whole bunch of water at school after she’d vomited, and she threw all […]

Story time.

Grandma Mimi and Mimi Val read Cady ‘The Gingerbread Cowboy” tonight. She loved it.