The curl is gone.

After ballet Saturday morning, we took Cady to get her hair cut. She normally loves them. This time the worst happened: they stole her curl. …or so she thought.

The Best

Brennyn was sitting in the bathroom with Cady, taking her fingernail polish off. Brennyn leaned in to kiss Cady and Cady licks her instead. Brennyn said, “I don’t like licks. I like sweet kisses.” Cady then planted one of her very, very sweet kisses on her mommy, to which Brennyn replied, “you are the best […]


I got back from a week long business trip to Florida on Friday. The hugs Cady gives when I get back from a trip like that are out of this world. I think she really misses me, which is sad and wonderful.

Three Little Pigs

I read Cady a story a few nights ago before bed, then, per usual, she asked for another story once she was tucked in. Those are normally short, and just from memory instead of a book. This request was the for “Three Little Pigs.” Well, I made it to the first house where the wolf […]

Cady’s First T-Ball Practice

Practice today was really a lot of fun. It always amazes me how fast Cady learns, and how well she listens. Only 3 other kids showed up for practice, counting Coach Steve’s, but it was a Saturday practice and I suspect more will show next time around.