Saturday at the Ranch

A great day here on Pieper Ranch. Breakfast, then a trip to the pool, followed by a surprise visit from Grandma and GrandPaul Clingan, dinner out, and the Skype with Aunt Buffy.

How a Sunday Should Be Spent

We went to watch “Madagascar 3” with Cady. It was her first movie in a theatre. She loved it, as she was amazing. After the movie, we went to Lowe’s to pick some stuff up, and Cady made a new friend that took the time to talk owls with her. We had the famous “Lowe’s […]

Noodle vs. Plastic

Who knew that pushing a quarter of an inch of noodle around with a plastic juice straw wrapper would serve as such a dinner distraction.

Cady jealous of a babydoll

Cady and I played for a while with her kitchen tonight. At the pinnacle, we’d finished feeding her baby, and I placed it in her babydoll playpen with a blankie for a nap. Well, Cady studied the doll for a few ticks, then promptly grabbed the blankie, tossed it on the floor, did the same […]