Some pics…and CADY HAS A TOOTH!

Brennyn had to run anĀ errandĀ at her work downtown this afternoon. She called me at my work when she was done, and told me that she wanted to show me something, and to meet her outside of my building. When she got there, she made me get into the back seat and sit next to the […]

Here, kitty!

We have a few sets of flash cards for Cady. One is a set of animals. Cady always “meows” for the kitty, she’s “barked” for the doggy. When we play on the rug, a lot of times, Cady will crawl around the sofa to see the cats eating, “meow” at them, and even get on […]

Cady/Brennyn’s New Car, and Learning to Cheese

The girls got their new mommy-mobile this week – a new Kia Sportage. I wasn’t too excited about Kia to begin with. But after driving it, reading some reviews, reading some safety test info compared to other cross-overs, and – most importantly – Brennyn really liking it (which is why we were reading about them […]

Cady’s First Swim Lesson

Cady was awesome today. The instructor was impressed with the little squirrel. He said that babies her are aren’t normally so comfortable in the water. …he even said, “she must be terrible behind closed doors, because she’s awesome here.”