Botanic Gardens: Japanese Garden

The Piepers had a busy day today, which included a trip to the Botanic Gardens here in Fort Worth and some landscaping of our own back home. Photos from the gardens are below. THere’s a special one for Grandpa Pieper in there, who I hear has wondered if there are any pictures of Cady where […]

Grocery Slowdown and Singing Daddy

Brennyn took Cady to grocery shop with her today. She needed to be back home and to the Dr’s office for me to pick Cady up by 2:50. Because people were “going crazy” over Cady, she ended up running behind. A great reason to be late, if you ask me. Cady was acting crazy in […]

Some Photos and Videos You’ve Prolly Already Seen

Some videos recently added to Cady’s YouTube Channel: The┬áBubble Guppies shows Cady reacting to her absolute favorite show in the world: Bubble Guppies. It’s a regular visitor to our DVR now. Inching. This video was taken on the 28th or 29th of March. She was barely moving at this point I think I’m only amazed […]