Another Grandma Clingan and Aunt Lauren Visit

In the video below, Cady is caught chewing on a book she’s snagged off of a neighboring table. More importantly, in the later part of the video, you see that she’s really starting to bring her legs up underneath her. She’s getting closer and closer to crawling. Scary.

Sushi Girl

It’s gotten to be a LOT of fun to go places with Cady now that she sits up and plays at dinner. Going to sushi at our favorite spot is always extra good, because the wait staff there go crazy for her…and even try and help have her pose for pictures. The pictures of her […]

Busy Little Girl

I think Cady had a good day today. A Skype session with the Pieper’s for Great Grandma Pieper’s birthday. Dinner out at Buffalo Wild Wings for an encounter with a little girl her age. Finally, another Skype session: this time, with Grandma Clingan. Untitled from Corey Pieper on Vimeo.