Visit to Gammy’s

It’s official: Cady flew on an airplane!  We were so nervous but she did really well.  We were off to see Grandma and I was nervous about more things than just that little girl flying on a plane.  She would have to sleep in a new bed, sleep in a room with us, and adjust […]

Thanksgiving Weekend with the Piepers

We had a great Thanksgiving over here at the house. Brennyn cooked us up some pepper beef and rice. Took Cady to get some Sushi with us today, and all of the waitresses there went crazy for her. We go there way too much, so they all know us…but today was the fist time we’d […]

Poop and Blastoff! …not mutually exclusive.

Cady’s had some non-pooping issues lately. So – we have a nice post bowel-emptying photo for your enjoyment here. Then just a few other random photos, and a video of our blastoff routine. She usually likes it a little more than this video shows…but it’s still good fun. At least for me.

Cady’s Rolling Over Video

She did it so FAST yesterday. Brennyn put her on her tummy…then BOOM…on to her back. There’s a video below of her doing it this afternoon (also the first time I got to see it). She’s a lot slower in the video, but it’s in the opposite direction as yesterday! Pretty cool stuff.