Halloween 2010

A busy day for little Cady-girl today. After some lounging around the house, we mobilized for a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings for the 2nd half of the Bengals game. They lost again…but Cady didn’t rub it in. I think she was secretly rooting for the Dolphins. Ever since Grandma and Grandpa Pieper got her […]

Cady’s 3-month birthday

…and she’s been full of adventure lately. She’s been shoving her hands in her mouth and sucking like a maniac for a while now, but just in the past couple of days, she’s really discovered her thumbs. When she was home with Brennyn today, she fell asleep on her little floor gym. Okay…that’s not really so much adventurous as it is […]

From: mommy. To: Cady.

Cady girl, you have been such a little angel these past few weeks!  I wanted to thank you.  You are always good but you have been especially good lately my little baby!  You have been sick for what seems like 3 weeks and have really been in an upbeat mood and you continue to smile […]