Two Month Shots

Cady’s 2 months shots were yesterday. She was set to get 5 shots. Luckily, they were out of one vaccine that we have to come back next week for. So: 20% less screaming. The shots themselves yielded some hellacious screams (see video below), but it wasn’t until Brennyn went home, I went back to work, and Cady […]

Cady loves Moby…not the whale or the “artist”.

Brennyn has done an awesome job decorating Cady’s room…but we’ve been putting off putting up one of the final touches: Cady’s name. We got that taken care of this weekend, and we really like it. The monkey (Cady) loves books, and tonight we read “The Very Busy Spider” to her tonight…which is awesome, because she […]

Bengals Game at Buffalo Wild Wings and Happiness

Brennyn and I took Cady to Buffalo Wild Wings to see her first Bengals game (because they don’t generally play them on local cable around here). She was really, really good. … unfortunately, the Bengals weren’t quite on their game today.