Some Weekend Photos

It was really nice to have Corey home this weekend after a few days where the little miss was having mornings where she wasn’t wanting to sleep. We are beginning to think that she hasn’t had her daily 3 in a row poops and once she does she generally feels better. Today was no exception […]

Crazy Playtime

We had some great playtime with the sweet girl today, and she took her 2nd bottle from me. Took about 3 oz…then was just happy and awake. Good stuff.

Cady’s First Bottle

A long video of Cady’s first bottle day. We’re gonna start working it in slowly and early, so – hopefully – the transition won’t be too jarring. Brennyn took it a little hard at first, but I’m glad she let me share in doing this for Cady. I loved it.


These little clips are from the last 2 days. You can see how red poor Cady’s eyes get when we wipe er eye bugers away for her (she’s got a blocked tear duct). Also, I put a lot of photos of Cady being a peaceful little babygirl on here. …but some of the real fun […]