Baby Pelé makes her soccer debut

Tonight Corky was laying down on the couch with his legs across my tummy and someone was unhappy!  For the first time, Cady kicked her little heart out.  It was so sudden and I immediately knew what it was.  It felt like a someone flicked the inside of my tummy.  It was a really neat […]

Cadence Ellie Pieper

Brennyn and I have decided on “Ellie” as our upcoming little girl’s middle name. That name has a special place in our hearts. On mine and Brennyn’s first date, I brought a DVD that I’d bought for her: Monty Python’s Life of Brian. I thought it was a good idea, since we were both Monty […]

Cady is the size of a Mango!

That’s right! According to our “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” iPhone app, Cady is as big as a Mango now. We’re 18 weeks and 1 day along already!