Family Resemblance?

Is Cadence a “Broflovski”? …as in Kyle and Ike Broflovski. From South Park. Brennyn, you have some splainin’ to do!

Middle name?

Brennyn and I are still trying to pick a middle name… We’ve got two options we’ve been talking about: Ellie and Ansley There’s a poll over there on the right hand side of the page Vote there…or, if you don’t dig those names – add your suggestion to the comments on this entry. And no, […]

Slightly improved baby photos…

The last time I tried to photograph the ultrasound printouts, there was a lot of glare and it was a little blurry. Since we don’t have a scanner, I tried again. They look a little better, I think.

It’s [going to be] a GIRL !!!

I guess the title says it all! GIRL! Yeah, we have decided on a first name: Cadence. aka. Cady aka. Taters Yes. “Taters.” We haven’t decided ¬†on a middle name yet though. We’re open to suggestions. Cadence was really squirmy during the ultrasound. She moved around like crazy. Kicking, bobbing, weaving, punching. She’s a million […]