9 Weeks Ultrasound Day

Today has been a very, very good day so far. I don’t think I’d admitted to myself, how anxious I’ve been to hear that the baby’s heart rate had accelerated like it was supposed to until today. Once we heard the nurse tell us “153 beats per minute” – I almost let out a yelp […]

Ultrasound tomorrow…

…and I’m a little nervous. Nothing really to be nervous about, but I can’t help but hope everything continues to look good. Weird how something only as big as a raspberry can cause so much trouble already.

A Walk Through the Hood

We took a jaunt through our neighborhood and a nearby one this afternoon. Brennyn found some snow to walk around in, and stroke a fancy pose for my iPhone. Aside from a runny nose because of the cool temps – a good time was had by all. Seeing close-up, the crazy grass that’s grown up […]

Bernie abstaining at Rahr

We went to Rahr brewery this afternoon for tasting and tour. It was good times. Only $5 for 3 beers and a glass. Brennyn gave me her 3 tickets, but after 1 dark lager and 2 IPA’s…I thought that should about do it for the day.

Bump Watch (from Dec. 10th)

Since I just started this obnoxious little blog, I’m still catching up with the photos… This is the first in a my series entitled “Bump Watch” – which we took on December 10th (the date of the first ultrasound). Not any bump at all yet really, but that’s the point isn’t it? We’re 6 weeks […]