Opening Day 2016

No one reads this blog. Might as well post this here. Sent it to Brennyn tonight about Cady. 

Thinking of opening day tomorrow ended up being oddly emotional for me. Stupid. I know. Spent part of all the last 4 with Cady. My favorite was at Steak ‘n Shake two years ago. We listened to a few innings together at a table using my phone. I know exactly which seat. Give her a kiss for me tomorrow. She’ll have no idea why. :)

The Good Dinosaur 

 Cady laid with me on the couch of this shitty apartment watching “The Good Dinosaur.” She cried nearly silently at parts. She told me she was happy that they all got back together, but his daddy was gone forever. 

Her heart reminds me of me at her age, and that makes me proud.

Poop Fairy

Cady swallowed another tooth last night while she was with momma. 

Tonight, the tooth fairy is visiting the apartment for the first time. I told her a gag-ridden story about how the tooth fairy is gonna have to reach up her booty for her tooth tonight. She laughed. HARD. So did I. 

Is Santa here yet?

I was in bed with Cady tonight. She’d been lying pretty still when she turned to me and whispered after hearing the fire in the living room crackle loudly, “Is Santa here yet?””No.”

“Well, tell me when he gets here.”

“I can’t. If he knows we’re awake, he’ll go without leaving presents.”

“Well, just do this then.” {mouths ‘Santa is here.’}

Kid is a genius.


IHOP and the Burp

Took Cady to IHOP Tuesday evening. Big surprise. Anyways, we were pretty much the only people there. Cady said she had to go to the bathroom. Since there weren’t many people there, I said, “you want to go by yourself?” 


So, as she walked off, I teared up thinking about how much she’s grown. 

When she got back, she had me bend down to whisper in my ear, “I just went to the potty to fart really big. And I did.”

I laughed pretty hard. She did too. Then, she had to go do the same thing again, and came back laughing even harder. She laughed so much, that she ended up burping with her mouth wide open. Like…a burp a grown man would be proud of. Loud. Deep. LONG.

We both laughed way harder than we should have as I tripped over trying to explain that burping like that in public wasn’t a good thing.